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How to use Concierge

Please send us your special request for the rental car, booking hotels and restaurants from here.
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Booking procedure

  1. Step 1. Input your request

    Please write the requirement in the reservation format.

  2. Step 2. Confirmation of your request statement

    Please confirm your request statement.

  3. Step 3. Application

    Please double check if your request is correct.

  4. Step 4. We will send you a reply.

    Please read our reply carefully, and reply us if you agree with the statement.

  5. Step 5. Reservation confirmation

    We will send you a confirmation mail and terms of payment.
    *We will cancel the reservation if we could not confirm payment in 24 hours.

Handling fee
Handling fee Handling fee for change
1,080 yen/per reservation For the 1st time: Free
*It will cost you for a fee (540 yen) if you would like to make a change of your reservation from the 2nd time.
Cancellation fees
1. Cancellation within 20 days of the reserved date.
(Except the case 2~5)
20% of the rental fee
2. Cancellation within 7 days of the reserved date.
(Except the case 3~5)
30% of the rental fee
3. Cancellation 1 day prior to your your reserved date. 40% of the rental fee
4. Cancellation on the day you reserved 50% of the rental fee
5. No-show 100% of the rental fee