Q1. What should I do if I forget my ID and password?

ID is your registered E-mail address.
Please use the password-reissue function if you have forgotten your password.
Please inform us through the inquiry form if you cannot use the password-reissue function.

Q2. What should I do if I cannot log in?

Please confirm that you used half-width characters to input and that there is no extra space after copy and paste.

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Q3. What do I need to bring to stay at the accommodation?

Please be sure to bring your ID such as a passport when you check in.

We recommend you to bring the reservation-confirmed E-mail to be sure of the reservation details, contact number of the accommodation and so on.

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Q4. Are there any extra fees besides the accommodation fees?

It depends on situation and contents of your stay.

The accommodation fees incluede service charge but exclude consumption tax.
Some accommodation require bathing tax, lodging tax, air-conditioning fees, service charge for infants without bed and etc.
You will be charged extra fees when you used some service not included in your plan.

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Q5. How can I pay the accommodation fees?

The payment method depends on a plan.
ToCoo! accepts payment methods as below.

- Only on-spot payment
Please pay basically in cash at an accommodation.
Please inquire an accommodation directly after reservation if you prefer credit-card payment.

- Only credit-card payment
We settle the payment by your registered credit card at completion of reservation.

- Select either on-spot or credit-card payment
Please choose either of two methodes of payment above.

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Q6. How much are the cancellation fees?

The cancellation fees will be calculated according to cancellation policy of an accommodation.

You can see cancellation policy in "About cancellation" under vacancy on a plan page.

If "By _days before" on the top doesn't say 0%, cancellation fees occur right after confirmation of reservation.
* There is no cancellation fees if you cancel reservation on the days for 0% cancellation fees.

The cancellation fees will be settled on your registered credit card automatically according to cancellation policy.

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Q7. How many rooms can I reserve for the same staying days?

One member can reserve at most 2 rooms for 1plan and at most two plans as long as at the same accommodation.

If you like to reserve more than 5 rooms or 3 plans for the same days, please register another person with you as a member and make another reservation.

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Q8. Can I select check-out time?

You cannot select check-out time because each accommodation has its own regulation about it.

Please inquire an accommodation directly about check-out time after reservation confirmed.

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Q9. How much are the children fees?

Children fees policy of ToCoo! is as below.

- Elementary school student: from 1st. to 6th-grade elementary school student.
* Some may be refered as "Child".
* Older than elementary school-age children are considered as an adult.

- Infant(with bed & meal): from 3 yrs. to under school-age.
We offer bed and infant-meal.

- Infant(without bed & meal): under 2 yrs.
We don't offer bed or meal.
* Some accommodations offer baby-meal with extra charge. Please inquire an accomodation directly after reservation confirmed if you like to have one.

One adult can accompany only one infant (without bed or meal) and the infant is NOT counted as an guest for reservation.
We cannot accept more infants(without bed or meal) than adults for reservation.

[Ex.] 4-member plan;
Infant(with bed & meal):1
Infant(without bed or meal):1
The number of guests are counted as 4 so we can accept this reservation.

Also, some accommodations may have different setting for children fees.
In such case, it is mentioned in "Information about reservation" or "Addition, Attention".

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