Enjoy a cruise around Matsushima, with more than 260 islands of all sizes in the bay. Next, visit the historical temples and shrines including Osaki Hachimangu, a national treasure and Zuigan-ji Temple. After that, relax in the hot springs of Akiu, Sakunami, Naruko, and Zao, which each have different water characteristics. We also recommend going to events like the Sendai Tanabata and the jazz festival.

Enjoy the beautiful coast and Kitsune village course

  1. Sendai Station
    30 minutes by car
  2. Akiu Onsen
    50 minutes by car
  3. Matsushima
    75 minutes by car
  4. Miyagi Zao Fox Village
    50 minutes by car
  5. Okama
    80 minutes by car
  6. Sendai Station

Introduction of tourist attractions

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  • W4 Class
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