Iwate is the largest prefecture in Honshu, and there are many great spots including Hirazumi, a world heritage site; Ryusendo; Jodogahama; Koiwai Farm; Genbi Gorge; etc. One can have fun visiting places from literature such as Tono, the setting of "Legends of Tono" and Hanamaki, the hometown of Kenji Miyazawa; as well as enjoy the local performing arts.

Enjoy a World Heritage Site "Hiraizumi" and great farm course

  1. Morioka Station
    70 minutes by car
  2. Konjikido (Golden Hall), Chuson-ji Temple
    50 minutes by car
  3. Hanamaki Onsen
    80 minutes by car
  4. Koiwai Farm
    60 minutes by car
  5. Morioka Station

Introduction of tourist attractions

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