Fukushima is painted by boundless nature and history. Visit the history of Tsurugajo Castle in Aizuwakamatsu City and feel the atmosphere of Ouchi-juku's past post-town with old thatched houses lining the streets. One must see the Sengoku picture scrolls and the Soma Nomaoi held every July in Minamisoma City. It's also famous as the kingdom of fruit.

Enjoy the colorful pond and post town with a history of 400 years course

  1. Koriyama Station
    70 minutes by car
  2. Goshiki-numa Ponds
    35 minutes by car
  3. Lake Inawashiro
    35 minutes by car
  4. Aizuwakamatsu
    45 minutes by car
  5. Ouchi-Juku
    60 minutes by car
  6. Kitakata
    70 minutes by car
  7. Koriyama Station

Introduction of tourist attractions

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