Aomori has a long coastline on both sides of the Sea of Japan and is the northernmost prefecture on Honshu. It is blessed with nature such as the Shirakami mountain range, the Oirase mountain stream, and Mt. Osore. The Aomori Nebuta Festival and the Hirosaki Neputa Festival are also well-known. One would like to run while gazing at the magnificent Mt. Iwaki.

Enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves and fresh seafood course

  1. Shin-Aomori Station
    70 minutes by car
  2. Tsuta Numa
    40 minutes by car
  3. Oirase Stream
    90 minutes by car
  4. Hasshoku Center
    100 minutes by car
  5. Asamushi Onsen
    40 minutes by car
  6. Shin-Aomori Station

Introduction of tourist attractions

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