All our guest rooms is ocean view. The ocean resort makes your mind relax.

Mikawa Onsen KAIYU-TEI



You can enjoy amazing view of Mikawa Bay and sunset, which you forget the time goes by.

You can also enjoy the sophisticated and fresh seasonal taste all-year-around.

The seafood of Mikawa Bay are especially fresh and have a lot of variety.

Please enjoy our signature and gorgeous seafood dishes.

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AichiKasagai Terabe-cho, Nishio186-2
[Number of rooms]
[Maximum occupancy]
[Year Built / Renovation Year]
1993 / -
BF included、Half board、No meal
[Check-in / out time]
15:00 / 10:00
Free shuttle bus service is available with some conditions.
Parking capasity: 150 spaces (free parking)
Japanese chess
Shogi board game is available at the front. (the rental fee is applied)
Wheelchairs and a restroom for a wheelchair is available.
Vending machine
Vending machines for several kinds of drinks are available.
Face massage service is available. The effect of the massae / whitening, reducing wrinkles and pimpples, and moisturizing.
There is a limited number of humidifiers available. Please ask the details at the front desk.
Door-to-door service
Luggage delivery service is available at the hotel's shop.
Free pick-up
Free shuttle bus service is available with some conditions.



Other facilities

Additional notices
Please let us know if you arrival after 18:00.
Cash payment only upon check-out

Hotel Reviews

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    ID: 流離の旅人
    海水浴に行くには便利な宿だと思います。 チェックイン前およびチェックアウト後でもフロントに言っておけば大浴場で海水を流すことが可能です。 当日は吉良の花火大会で遠巻きながら花火を楽しめました。(3から4km離れている) 家族全員に花火のサービスがあり、花火を見ながら手元で花火を行うことができました。 子供も喜んでいました。 こういうサービスはうれしいものです。 食事もおいしかった気がしますが、...
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  • Average
    ID: Haruママ
    神奈川から大阪へ行く途中で一泊させて頂きました。 単に『途中だから』という理由で選ばせていただいたのですが… 全てが素晴らしかった!! ・部屋:オーシャンビューで綺麗な夕日が目の前!!この景色を見ただけでも大満足! ・食事:量も十分で全てが『温かいものは温かく』出して頂けて大満足! ・対応:とても温かく、小学生の娘にも優しく声を掛けて頂き大満足! ・お風呂:お昼の演芸に来るお客様が多いからか、...
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  • Average
    ID: あきら
    演劇付き旅館ホテルに泊まったのは初めてなのでとても新鮮でした。 泊り客が我々1組だけでそれもビックリ! 従業員の方々の対応も良く、お風呂も大変素晴らしかったです。ただ、料金の割に食事はマーこんなもんかなと!

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Tourism informatinon

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Laguna Gamagori
Laguna Gamagori 
“Laguna Gamagori”, located at natural-rich Mikawa Bay, was opened in April 2001 as the complex marine resort where people can get familiar with ocean. They provide entertainments, gourmets, and shopping designed with the various styles. They have many facilities, such as an ocean theme “Lagunacua”, a gourmet and shopping area “Laguna Festival Market”, “Thermes Marins Lagoona”, “Laguna-no-Yu”, and a marina style condominium “La Mercasa”.
Gamagori Fantasy Museum
Gamagori Fantasy Museum Gamagori Fantasy Museum creates the fantasy world with fifty millions shells from all over the world. They design a dragon with shells and corals, also create a unique “under-the-sea world”. The Ryugu Castle made of fifty millions shells is worth to see. The facility of the ancient fossils and rare stones are also available right next to the museum.

Open / 9:00 -16:00
Admission fee / 700 yen per adult, 400 yen per child.
Open every day.