Easy to make a great price car rental reservation in Japan!
Special agent service

Once you register to the distributor, you can start your Japanese car rental business with your customers!
ToCoo! is known as the largest car rental reservation site for foreign visitors. Our prices is the Best Price in Japan and further we will provide you 10%OFF
Our rental car inventory, have been registered 67,000 units per day all over Japan!
Available from Airport, Shinkansen terminal, etc.

Registration for ToCoo! distributor is very simple! (Registration free)

Please fill out the distributor registration form. (After confirmation, ToCoo! will send you distributor ID within 10 business days).


  1. (1) Please fill out the following items in the distributor registration form.
    1. 1. [Company name] Required
    2. 2. [A person in charge Name] Required
    3. 3. [Position] Required
    4. 4. [Country] Required
    5. 5. [Address] Required
    6. 6. [E-mail address] Required
    7. 7. [Official web page URL]
    8. 8. [Telephone number] Required
    9. 9. [Travel agency registration number]
  2. (2) Please apply if you consent to ToCoo!Carrenta!.
  3. (3) We will process your application, and send you Distiributor number(ID) within 10 business days.

Car Rental reservation is very easy!

For your customers, please book from ToCoo! car rental reservation site for general customers. We will provide Car rental rates in the best price. Available at the almost all of the airports and the main Station of the Shinkansen in Japan.


ToCoo! is known as the largest car rental reservation site for foreign visitors.

Bookable Rental Cars Companies
NIPPON Rent a Car NIPPON Rent a Car 606 Outlet(s)
Nissan Rent a Car Nissan Rent a Car 325 Outlet(s)
Budget Rent a Car Budget Rent A Car 82 Outlet(s)
Orix Rent A Car Orix Rent A Car 30 Outlet(s)
TOYOTA Rent a Car TOYOTA Rent a Car 21 Outlet(s)
Sky Rent A Car Sky Rent A Car 15 Outlet(s)
JR Hokkaido Rent a Car JR Hokkaido Rent a Car 13 Outlet(s)
Honda Rent a Car Honda Rent a Car 3 Outlet(s)
Nikku Rental Car Nikku Rental Car 1 Outlet(s)
OPEN Air Rental Cars OPEN Air Rental Cars 1 Outlet(s)

*Except using the above car rental company, it is exempt from 10% discount.
* 11 car rental companies (1,102 outlets / December, 2016)

Easy payment!

The fee will be charged to the registered credit card with a 10% discount when the reservation is completed via ToCoo! online website.


  • If you use a special agent via ToCoo! online page, you can book with a 10% discount.
  • Special agents will be required to pay a cost.
    1. (1) It will be 10% discounted from the total fee, including Compensation Coverage fee and options fee.
    2. (2) Except for T.A.S.(ToCoo! Additional Support) fee and drop off fee.
Commission Target Items Commission rate
Basic fee 10% OFF
Compensation Coverage fee (voluntary) 10% OFF
T.A.S.(ToCoo! Additional Support)
* T.R.S.(ToCoo! Roadside support) for Nippon Rental Car.
Not subject
Rental car option: Child seats, GPS, etc 10% OFF
Drop-off fee Not subject
  • Renting period: From 10:00 to 1/10~17:00, 1/15 for 6 days(135 hours)
  • Car class: Nissan Serena/1 car(8 seaters)
  • Option: A child seat
Item Regular fee ToCoo! fee Special agent fee
Basic fee ¥90,800 ¥68,700 ¥61,830
Compensation Coverage fee (voluntary) ¥8,200 ¥8,200 ¥7,380
Rental car option (Child seat) ¥1,000 ¥1,000 ¥900
Total fee ¥100,000 ¥77,900 ¥70,110
  1. 1) Regular fee: The price normally the car rental company sales.
  2. 2) ToCoo! fee: The lowest price that ToCoo! offers.
  3. 3) Special agent fee: 10% discount from ToCoo! Fee.
  • * For special agents, please sell as a higher price than normal price.
  • * ToCoo! and car rental companies do not accept any inquiries from customers about the fee.

Please do not worry even if there are any chance of accident.

The average accident rate is about 0.3% of the customers. (Results from 2016 / ToCoo!)
If customers had an accident, the maximum fee 150,000 yen will be charged without Compensation Coverage.
If they have Compensation Coverage, the fee will be covered.


Your customers burden of the case that was an accident by any chance
Collision Compensation ¥50,000
Vehicle Compensation ¥50,000
Non-operation Charge ¥20,000–¥50,000
The maximum total ¥150,000 ¥0

Compensation Coverage fee (voluntary) and T.A.S.(ToCoo! Additional Support / mandatory) are provided for an accident.
* However, we would ask customers to pay if the amount of damage is over amount of compensation and no insurance benefit.

<No compensation is applicable for some cases>

  • Accident that is not reported to the local police (if there is no traffic accident certification).
  • Accident was caused by the driver who did not register to the rental car company at the departure.
  • Accidents happened by the driver who do not have driver's license.
  • Accidents happened by the driver who were drunk.
  • Accident happened when it's unauthorized extension of your rental period.
  • Others, for example, your action violent the car rental agreement.